Drivers Can Try Out The Newest Section Of The Grand Parkway For Free

Segment E of the Grand Parkway is a 15-mile stretch that runs between I-10 and U.S. 290. The roadway opened last month, but drivers won't have to start paying tolls until Saturday.  

"We're tweaking all of the systems. It's an electronic toll system. That means there aren't actual booths for people to stop and make payments."    

That's TXDOT's Raquelle Lewis. 

"Well what we're doing is encouraging motorists to actually get out there and try it out, to see if it provides an opportunity for them to actually make a connection along the network that they might use on a regular basis or on a periodic basis."

And Lewis says if you currently have a tag for Harris County toll roads, you can use it on the Grand Parkway. 

"An EZ Tag or a TxTag is required to utilize the facility once we start charging on February first."

Once it's completed, the Grand Parkway will be a 180-mile loop that circles the Houston metro area. Three new segments to the north are set to open next year. 


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