Southern Leg Of Keystone XL Begins Shipping Crude To Texas Gulf Coast

The pipeline began transporting crude oil to Texas refineries shortly before 11 Wednesday morning. Officially known as the Gulf Coast Project, the pipeline links the oil hub of Cushing, Oklahoma to Nederland, Texas — midway between Beaumont and Port Arthur. Russ Girling is TransCanada’s president and CEO.

“Growing energy production in Oklahoma, Texas, North Dakota, Montana, and Canada have created a giant glut in places like Cushing, Oklahoma, and Gulf Coast refineries couldn’t access lower-cost domestic production and were forced to pay a premium to ship crude from foreign suppliers. The Gulf Coast Project will change that.”

North Texas landowner Julia Trigg Crawford vows to walk around her farm daily to look for any leaks from the pipeline that runs under her property. The Texas Railroad Commission allowed TransCanada to seize part of her property through eminent domain in 2011. Crawford has appealed her case against TransCanada to the Texas Supreme Court.

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