Study Looks At Possible Site For A Train Station If High-Speed Rail Comes To Houston

Engineer Sam Lott with Kimley-Horn and Associates lead a study for TxDOT that considered several possible downtown locations. The site they identified as the most appropriate for a high-speed rail stop is the block currently occupied by the Amtrak Station and the main post office. 

consulting engineer Sam Lott
The study was presented by consulting engineer Sam Lott.

Lott says you need a location that can also serve other modes of transportation. 

"And it's a facility that operates more like an airport terminal than a typical railroad station. That's a facility that's going to need substantial area and connectivity, and those are things we need to be thinking about right now."

High-speed rail has been discussed and studied in Texas for decades. It's far from a done deal at this point, but Lott says planners have to think ahead.  He says if Houstonians don't change the way they get around, the city could face massive all-day congestion on both its freeways and surface streets in the next 25 years. 

"High-speed rail would not necessarily solve that congestion problem. It's all the other modes that connect to the high-speed rail station that could be part of the solution."

A private company called Texas Central Railway is proposing a high-speed line between Houston and Dallas, and will soon start evironmental studies.


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