Mayor Parker And New City Council Members Sworn In

Parker called the new faces at City Hall a good team to work with, each member of council entrusted with important and unique roles to play in guiding Houston for the next two years.

"Some of us tried and failed, but tried again and won these positions, won your trust, won your votes, and now have been sworn into office. We all recognize the sacred trust we have assumed today."

Street and draining improvements made during her previous four years are about to become more visible. She says it's time for this region to come together with a hurricane plan to create some protection for coastal communities.

Parker says Houston possesses diversity and shared values that make people want to move here.

"In order to ensure the full participation of every Houstonian, in the business and civic life of this great city, it is time to pass a comprehensive nondiscrimination ordinance that adds sexual orientation and gender identity to the protections most Houstonians take for granted."

The ceremony moved to City Hall, where reporters pressed Parker on her comprehensive nondiscrimination ordinance.

"What we'll seek to do is certainly codify my executive order by ordinance to protect city employees and those who work on city contracts from discrimination. But I believe we will also consider public accommodations, public housing and then ultimately, it'll be up to me to work with council to see if they want to include private employment as well."

The mayor formally introduced her new council.

Brenda Stardig returned after a runoff victory over Helena Brown, who had upset her in the previous election.

"It is my honor to return back to City Hall. It was a hard fought battle, and the voters chose that I come back and serve. And I am very honored and pleased to be here, to serve and represent the district where I was born and raised."


Eleven Council Members and five at-large:

  1. Brenda Stardig, District A
  2. Jerry Davis, District B, Vice Mayor Pro-Tem
  3. Ellen Cohen, District C
  4. Dwight Boykins, District D
  5. Dave Martin, District E
  6. Richard Nguyen, District F
  7. Oliver Pennington, District G
  8. Ed Gonzalez, District H, Mayor Pro-Tem
  9. Robert Gallegos, District I
  10. Mike Laster, District J
  11. Larry Green, District K
  1. Stephen C. Costello, At Large 1
  2. David Robinson, At Large 2
  3. Michael Kubosh, At Large 3
  4. C.O. "Brad" Bradford, At Large 4
  5. Jack Christie, At Large 5


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