Project Near Texas Medical Center Should Improve Pedestrian Safety

Main and Fannin Streets carry a lot of traffic in and out of the Medical Center, as well as to Hermann Park and Rice University. 

Those streets also carry Metro's light rail line. 

That area is now getting a big upgrade, through a $2.6 million dollar landscaping and pedestrian improvement project. 

TxDOT's Danny Perez says the project extends from the Mecom Fountain to Cambridge Street.

"There's a lot of pedestrian traffic. Not only do we want to enhance the area aesthetically but also to add to pedestrian safety."

The Houston Parks Department applied for the funding which will go toward new sidewalks, trails, and curb ramps. 

The project also includes lighting and irrigation systems.  

Perez says money for the work comes from the federal government. 

"What these funds allow us to do is to go into off-system roadways that are not highways, that are not freeways, and it allows us to go in there and improve safety and also to enhance beatification in those areas."  

Perez says the work should be wrapped up this summer. 


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