Why You Shouldn't Put Off Getting That Flu Shot

Officials in Montgomery County say none of the four people who died had been vaccinated against the flu.  

Catherine Troisi is an infectious disease expert at UT School of Public Health. She says not all the information is in yet on whether those who died — aside from the one who tested positive for H1N1 — had underlying medical problems.

"There are other viruses that circulate during the winter that can cause people to have influenza-like illnesses, and can cause death under unusual circumstances.  I wouldn't assume it's a new, potentially dangerous virus until all the data are in."

So, in the meantime, Dr. Troisi says no one needs to panic over what's happening in Montgomery County. All you need to do is get a flu shot, and you will be protected against H1N1.

"It takes about two weeks 'til it's fully effective. But you can be partially protected before then."

Other common-sense advice Dr. Troisi has to offer is: don't hang around people who are sick, a good hand washing lasts at least 20 seconds, and make sure to eat healthy foods, and get plenty of rest.

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