Extra DPS Troopers Are Looking for Drunk Drivers and Speeders This Holiday

Sergeant John Sampa says DPS will conduct enhanced patrols through January 2nd. And those patrols aren't just in the outlying areas.

"It's any highway that the troopers will be traveling, that they'll be looking for these violations."

DPS is focusing much of its efforts on drunk drivers. If someone is weaving, driving too slow, or running red lights, that's a good indication someone may be impaired behind the wheel. Another target of those patrols is speeders. Sampa says a high-speed crash, even if the driver is sober, is just as bad as a drunk driving wreck.

"The force of that crash, when that car hits something, can cause severe injuries to the driver, as well as the passengers in the car and other folks outside the car."

Those increased patrols are funded by a TxDOT grant. Sampa says troopers are also looking for people who aren't wearing their seats belts, or who don't have their children property restrainted.


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