To Find Pets A Home For The Holidays, BARC Offers Half-Off Adoptions

Dogs at the city’s animal shelter BARC are waiting for Saturday. That’s when at least 75 puppies, dogs, cats and kittens will be up for adoption at a Petco in north Houston. It will be the “A Home for the Holidays” Mega Pet Adoption Event, one of several such events BARC has each year.

BARC’S Ashtyn Rivet says the shelter is taking in more animals than usually around this time of the year.

“Normally we see a little bit of a decrease in intake during the fall and the winter months and that hasn’t happened this year. In fact, we saw about a 10 percent increase in November of intake over last year in November, so we are really, really trying hard to find homes for as many as these animals as possible.”

At the event, adoption fees for all animals will be half of what adopters usually pay at BARC. You can take home a dog for $25 and a cat for $10. Puppies and kittens are slightly more.

But while the idea is to find pets a home for the holidays, Rivet says they should not be given as surprise presents.

“If you are sure that you want a pet as a gift for Christmas, then we would want you to come in with the person who may be buying it for you or whatever to pick out just the right one for your family. Because you need to meet the pet and make sure that it’s just the right match for you before you take it home with you.”

The adoption event will take place at the Petco on Cypress Creek Parkway at Veterans Memorial Drive from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.


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