Bad Weather In Other Parts Of The Country Affects Flights Out Of Houston

The Houston Airport System's Darian Ward says only about five percent of flights at Bush and Hobby Airports are affected by the bad weather around the country, but if you're booked on one of those flights it's a big deal.

"Especially if you're looking at delays up to two hours, you're sitting here at the airport, and then they're telling you it's going to be a two-hour delay or a three-hour delay, that's not good."

So even if you're headed to a nearby destination, Ward says you should check on the status of your flight before you leave the house. 

"Call the airline, go online, check and make sure it's on time. Or maybe they will tell you it's been delayed or cancelled. That way you can gauge your time so you don't have to sit and wait."

As for when things will finally get back to normal, Ward says it all depends on the weather in other parts of the country. To get more information, you can go to the website FlightStats.

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