Harris County Lawyers Have New Rules For Filing Civil Court Documents

A mandate from the Texas Supreme Court now requires lawyers to submit family and civil court documents electronically. 

Starting January 1st, they'll no longer be allowed to submit those documents on paper. 

Harris County District Clerk Chris Daniel says Harris County has been accepting electronic documents for about ten years now but the state's new TexFile system is a big improvement. 

"The end result, is that the public, lawyers, etc., will see more documents available online, in theory, a faster system for more court records to be filed in general."

And Daniel says the new electronic filing system will save Harris County taxpayers about about a million dollars a year, when you factor in paper and work hours. 

"That cost saving alone, not only affects the bottom line of the county but also ends up in the efficiency column for when these citizens might need to use something at the courthouse."

Daniel says his office will have all active civil cases online, and they expect to add criminal cases sometime in the future.

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