Longfellow Elementary School Students Announce This Season's Most Popular Toys

The 16 fifth grade students at Longfellow Elementary School in Houston’s Braeswood Place neighborhood held a press conference at the school’s library.

“Hi, I’m Kaitlin Macwood and I’m going to be talking about the second grade boys. As you can see from the graph, they had a clear top choice with remote control helicopters. Action figures like WWE, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ironman, Batman and Superman were very popular with the second grade boys as well.”

Longfellow Elementary School 2013 graph

The students worked in teams to survey other kids from kindergarten through fifth grade to find out which toys are most popular.

But before that came lots of research.

Kaija Shorter explains,“We researched them on websites and we looked in catalogs, and as we were going to stores, we were looking at the toy sections and stuff and writing it down, so we could put in on a paper.”

Then they went to their peers and asked which toys they liked, kind of liked, or didn’t like at all. After that, they tallied up the results and created top 10 lists for boys and girls in each grade level.

Maybe not surprisingly, action figures like Ironman and Ninja Turtles ranked high with the boys, and dolls fared well with many girls.

Kaija explains American Girl dolls pose some serious competition to Barbie this year.

“Because you can dress them up like you and then they can do, like, the same sports and you can dress them up as, like, for any holiday or any season or any, like, birthday or anything. And then you can just play with them for hours and hours and never put them down.”

discussing toy decisionsThomas Goffney is the store manager at a nearby Target. The company has been part of the annual toy ranking for some time and has donated some of the most popular toys to the students. He says the kids’ top picks are very different every year.

“Not always the action figures and dolls, yeah. That’s what I was surprised about, to hear the young ladies speak so much about dolls, and as I talked to them a little bit more, they went even deeper into the dolls they have and the dolls they’re looking forward to having.”

The students also compiled a list of those things that were named most by both boys and girls. Besides iPods, clothes and bikes, the top two choices were money and gift cards.

Good to know for the less creative givers.

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