DA: We Will Arrest People Who Don't Report Sexual Abuse Of A Child

Sharpstown High School principal Rob Gasparello was arrested along with two other school administrators and charged with a Class A misdemeanor for not reporting the alleged abuse.

Authorities say Gasparello and the two others knew about the abuse for several weeks, but didn't alert authorities.

Jane Waters is chief of the Special Victim's Bureau in the District Attorney's office.

"When the Houston Police Department found out about it on October 24th, they began an immediate investigation and it was determined that the two deans at the school and the principal had had that information for two weeks and had not done anything with that information as they are required to by law."

An arrest warrant has been issued for teacher Ysidoro Rolales Motola, who is on the lam.

Gasparello and the two assistant principals at Sharpstown have all posted bond and been released.

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson says her office won't tolerate people not reporting suspected sexual abuse.

"I think it's pretty clear from the cases that we filed yesterday that it doesn't matter who you are. It doesn't matter if you're the principal of a high school, or a janitor at a high school, or a teacher, or a neighbor. If you fail to protect the children in your care, if you have reason to believe a child has been abused and you don't report it, we will prosecute you."

Sharpstown High has over 1300 students. The dean of students at the campus has been put in charge of the school while the investigation continues.

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