The Thanksgiving Effect On Texas Gasoline Price

Thanksgiving is a road trip holiday.

Doug Shupe with AAA Texas says 3.4 million Texans will travel 50 or more miles away from home for Thanksgiving, the vast majority of them on the roads.

"Ahead of the busy holiday week next week, we're anticipating 3 million Texans will be traveling by automobile. And with that anticipated increase in demand for fuel, we are seeing that the gas price average did go up slightly."

It's typical for prices to rise before a major driving holiday and in Houston the price has gone up eight cents since last week to an average of $2.99 a gallon.

But Shupe says that's 16 cents cheaper than last year heading into the Thanksgiving holiday.

"So for those traveling by car or truck next week to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends, they'll be paying lower gas prices than one year ago."

Shupe says gasoline prices for the holiday are expected to be at the lowest level since 2010.

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