Mars Rover Contest Deadline Today

The rover contest started 12 years ago and challenges Houston-area grade-schoolers to build models of the Mars Rover. The actual competition day is January 25th, but today is the deadline to reserve a spot in the contest.

Edgar Bering is a professor of physics and electrical engineering at the University of Houston and runs the competition. He says kids in grades 3-8 are eligible to enter.  

"Because they're building their own model and they're designing a project to answer their own question, they're much, much more engaged than they would be with some assignment out of a book."

Bering says there are three categories, models made from art supplies, ones that actually move and more elaborate battery-operated remote control models. More than 600 students entered last year's contest from three dozen area schools

"The basic minimum cost free-form model doesn't have to work. It's a mock-up and you can think of this as an exercise in art because it's actually a sculpture."

He says some students are pretty creative when they build their models. 

"One of my favorites came from somebody up in New Caney where the innards of a toilet were being replaced and so they washed and scrubbed and spray painted the old toilet parts and turned them into a most amazing rover model."

Kids can enter online to reserve a spot in the competition at

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