Texas Streamlines Process For Getting A Car Title

The new system is called webDEALER.  

"From the dealer to the county tax office to the Texas DMV, the entire process for titling your vehicle and submitting your fees can be done online."

Texas DMV Executive Director Whitney Brewster says along with streamlining the process for getting a title, there's also the issue of security. 

"It eliminates the risk of anyone stealing that title and reassigning ownership of your vehicle.  It also eliminates the risk of misplacing your title."  

The state is now conducting a pilot program in Travis County.

Brewster says they plan to roll out webDEALER statewide early next year. 

"We're now just starting to bring out webDEALER for customers buying new vehicles from new car dealers. And then from there we will move on to used vehicle dealers, salvage dealers, and ultimately go into private sales of vehicles."

And Brewster says car buyers will still have the option of getting a paper title if that's what they prefer. 


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