Voters Who Cast Ballots Without Proper ID Have One More Day To Get Vote Counted

The Harris County Clerk's Office says more than a quarter-million people cast ballots in last Tuesday's election.  Out of those, fewer than 100 voters used a provisional ballot, because they couldn't produce an acceptable photo ID. County Clerk Stan Stanart says most of those provisional ballots have already been matched. 

"Over two-thirds of the people that are on this list that didn't present ID, we've found a match in the DPS database to them. And those are hard matches. So there's, potentially, even more than that that already have an ID."

Stanart says voters still have the whole day tomorrow to resolve any ID issues at their closest DPS office. 

"Or, in my office, where we'll actually have DPS there and ready, ready to create an election ID for those people who do not have any of the other IDs."

That office is on the fourth floor of the Harris County Administration Building in the 1000 block of Preston downtown.  Stanart says because there are fewer than thirty outstanding ballots to confirm with ID, there won't be a long wait. And he believes some of those ballots without IDs may belong to voters who are happy with the outcome of the election, and won't bother trying to fix them.

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