Former Hand Surgeon Michael Brown Dies In Miami

Brown was declared to be "brain dead" on Thursday. The Houston attorney representing Michael Brown's wife in the couple's divorce case — David Brown — says the Miami hospital decided to end life support early this morning. Houston attorney Dick DeGuerin represented Brown in a divorce proceeding.

"He was a very generous person who loved his children and was very upset when he and Rachel split. I followed what's happened, and it shouldn't happen to anyone. It's been just a terrible thing, but the divorce case should have been over two years ago." 

DeGuerin says the divorce destroyed Brown, who he says had chemical dependency and other personal problems, but he was a brilliant physician.

"He started in medical chool and was top of his class. He was a protege of Dr. Michael DeBakey. Instead of heart surgery, he went into hand surgery and developed a process — a procedure — that's come to be known as the Brown Hand Procedure. It has helped thousands of people." 

The Brown story has been a sort of long-running soap opera for Houston, but DeGuerin says the real tragedy is the loss of so many jobs from Brown's medical businesses.

"There are hundreds of good doctors that are out of work. They'll find other jobs, but the Brown Hand Center did a world of good to a lot of people."  

It's unclear how the divorce and probate will be resolved. 

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