Early Voting At A Record High This Year

The county clerk’s office predicts around 80,000 people will have cast ballots by the time polls close at 7 o’clock, Friday evening.

About 40 percent of the county’s registered voters have last names on their photo ID that don’t exactly match their voter registration card.

But, Harris County clerk Stan Stanart says, “When you check in, all you have to do is initial a little affidavit right next to where you sign that says (you’re) the same person.  Our clerks have been doing this very efficiently, and nobody’s been refused the right to vote because they’ve gotten married, their name is different, because we can deal with that.”

As of Friday morning, only seven voters have had to cast provisional ballots because they didn’t have a valid picture ID. 

Stanart says all the media coverage on this being the first election to require s photo ID is one of the reasons why turnout has been so high.

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