Area Residents Asked To Give Input On Wide-Ranging Plan For The Region's Future

Over the past two years H-GAC has been gathering input though online surveys and advisory committees for a plan called Our Great Region 2040.

Jeff Taebel directs H-GAC's community and environmental planning. He says the plan focuses on issues such as economic development, the environment, health care, and transportation. 

"Each of those areas has what we're calling a "Big Idea" theme, like ensuring our long-term water supply, or making sure we have a world-class multi-modal transportation system."  

The Our Great Region plan is now in draft form. H-GAC wants people to look at the plan and submit comments. There's also three public hearings next month. 

The deadline to submit comments is November 15. 

Taebel says H-GAC's board will then look at those suggestions and put the plan into final form early next year.  

"What we've been trying to do is collect those ideas that we've heard into some big priority areas that we can work on either together as a region, or that individual entities and groups can work on."  

About six million people now live in the Houston-Galveston region. Population forecasts from H-GAC predict the area could grow by close to four million residents by 2040.  

To get a look at the plan, visit  

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