Early Voting In Harris County More Popular Than Ever

Harris County has 40 early voting locations and registered voters can go to any of them to cast a ballot. And plenty of them are doing just that.

County Clerk Stan Stanart oversees the elections.

He says in the first two days of early voting, more than 10,000 people cast ballots at the polls and they've received another 10,000 ballots by mail.

"We've almost doubled two years ago. And I've looked back in the record and for 12 years this is the most we've ever done."

Stanart chalks up the increased turnout to two things. 

One is the growing popularity of early voting.

"I also believe this campaign to notify people to bring their photo ID to the polls has actually raised the public awareness that there's an election."

Early voting continues through November 1st and election day is on November 5th.

For more, visit KUHF's Election Coverage and Information 2013.


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