Former White House Chief Of Staff Calls For Increased Investment In Oman

The road show is Oman’s highest-level trade delegation to the United States in twenty years. The U.S. has a favorable trade balance with Oman, in no small part due to the free trade agreement between the two countries, which took effect at the start of 2009.

Card says the sultanate is hoping to expand its exports to the U.S. But he says that’s a secondary goal.

“They’re really looking to have Oman be a base where American industry and manufacturing and agriculture can set up operations to export to the rest of the region.”

Card says U.S. direct investment in Oman provided jobs for roughly 12,000 Americans as of last year. He expects that to grow to 15,000 jobs in the near future.

The Omani delegation will remain in Houston through tomorrow to meet with prospective investors. It then heads to Chicago before winding up its U.S. tour in New York next week.


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