Fall Intern: Jamie Falk

What drew you to KUHF? 

I moved to Houston in October, 2012 and KUHF has been a part of my daily life since. I love the KUHF programming in general and specifically the wide range of topics discussed with more depth than you are likely to find on television news broadcasts. I also studied journalism and mass communication in undergrad and love to write and be inquisitive.

What is your favorite public radio show and why? 

The Diane Rehm Show is great because of the fascinating array of issues discussed with multiple experts and academics from various sides of the issue. I also appreciate Rehm’s no nonsense questions when confronting a taboo subject.

On the weekend I love to listen to Wait Wait….Don’t Tell Me! because it makes me laugh out loud. I love the quiz format and informal banter between guests. The improvising makes for some priceless radio moments. It also airs from the Chase Bank Auditorium in my hometown of Chicago!

Who is your favorite reporter and why? 

Jeremy Scahill is one of my favorite reporters. He consistently puts himself in the line of fire to get the most interesting stories. He manages to do this without appearing self-serving or like he is doing so just for shock value. I have also always loved Christiane Amanpour.

What are your favorite publications? 

I usually read the Wall Street Journal and the new Al Jazeera America.

Who should I follow on Twitter and why? 

My twitter handle is @jamiejournalist. I think it is important for a newsperson to follow local and international news accounts, but I also like to switch it up by following the  Dalai Lama,  Stephen Colbert, Harper's Bazaar, and others. 

What social media accounts are you involved with?  

I use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as my main sources of social media.

What is the best thing to do in Houston? 

I enjoy the Houston Symphony as well as the Houston Grand Opera. I have already bought my tickets to see The Passenger, an opera by Mieczyslaw Weinberg. I believe that this Houston premiere is first time the opera has been performed in the United States. Houston truly has a rich cultural scene. I also love the Menil. My favorite places to eat are Uchi and Kiran’s.

What do you do when you are not at KUHF?

I volunteer with the Houston SPCA and work at a crude oil and petroleum brokerage firm. I also spend a lot of time with friends and my dog, Milton.

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