San Jacinto Monument Repairs

Now that emergency funding from the state legislature has arrived, the San Jacinto Monument will close later this month for major repairs to the monument's elevator and the San Jacinto Museum.

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The legislature has appropriated two point one million ($2.1M) dollars to bring the San Jacinto Monument's 1930s elevator shaft up to code. They closed the elevator earlier this year when they determined that a fire anywhere in the monument would send smoke up the elevator shaft and endanger people on the observation deck at the top. San Jacinto Museum President Larry Spacek says the upgrade is ready to begin, but, unfortunately, it means the monument will have to be closed to the public while the work is done.

Spacek says even the monument has never had a fire in its 66 year history, the elevator shaft's outdated design is a serious safety problem that must be corrected.

Spacek says the San Jacinto Museum will close for some paint-up fix-up, and that work will only take a couple of months. The elevator work is more extensive, and it will take about four months.

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