FERC Green-Lights Dynegy's Illinois Expansion

The commission granted federal approval for Dynegy to acquire the plants through its subsidiary, Illinois Power Holdings.

There now remains one regulatory hurdle. Illinois state law requires soot-control equipment be installed at the five plants. Dynegy has applied to the Illinois Pollution Control Board, asking for more time to comply.

Katy Sullivan is a spokesperson for Dynegy.

“Both Ameren and Dynegy are working on completing all the work to be ready to close the transaction, assuming a favorable decision from the Illinois Pollution Control Board, and given that that decision is expected in November, we had looked to close the transaction before the end of the year, if we do receive a favorable decision from that board.”

The sale could still unravel if the board refuses to grant a delay. Saint Louis-based Ameren already has a five-year waiver after claiming financial hardship. But the pollution control board said the waiver couldn’t simply be transferred to Dynegy. 


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