TxDOT Goes After Toll Road Scofflaws By Threatening To Make Their Names Public

TxDOT says it's now identified the owners of about 28,000 vehicles who've racked up at least 100 unpaid tolls over a 12-month period. Fifteen hundred of those people have more than 400 violations. 

TxDOT's Mark Cross says the unpaid tolls are costing the  agency more than $27 million dollars.

"This money goes to help up operate and maintain not just toll facilities, but many of the state's transportation facilities."

TxDOT is now sending letters to the most serious violators. If they don't pay up, a new law is allowing the state to make those names public, along with the number of unpaid tolls. 

And if that doesn't work, Cross says they have other options. 

"One of them would be to impound vehicles, or possibly restrict registration of vehicles that have past due tolls and fees."   

TxDOT's toll roads are primarily in the central part of the state but it does operate a portion of the Grand Parkway east of Houston. 

Cross says violators either go through the electronic toll plaza without a toll tag, or a tag that's expired.  

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