Fake Employer Scams Target Texas Jobseekers

The commission says jobseekers are reporting unsolicited calls and e-mails from individuals posing as employers from job matching websites. The false employers ask to interview the job candidates, either over the phone or via the Internet.

They’ll then offer a job, but with a catch. That could be a request for personal information, such as a Social Security Number, that could be used for identity theft.

Another variation requires the job seekers to purchase equipment or training as a condition of employment. Lisa Givens is a spokeswoman for the Texas Workforce Commission.

“No legitimate employer would ever ask for money as a condition for starting work.”

The commission encourages individuals to check their bank or other online accounts for suspicious activity if they suspect they’re victims of a similar scam.

To report suspicious activity, call the Texas Workforce Commission’s Fraud and Abuse Program Hotline at (800) 252-3642. To avoid becoming a victim of a scam, visit the Texas Office of the Attorney General online or www.onguardonline.gov, which is managed by the Federal Trade Commission, for more information.

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