Canada's PM Harper Weighs In On Keystone XL Fight

Speaking at a Canadian-American Business Council event in New York City, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said that “this won’t be final until it’s approved, and we will keep pushing forward.”

The prime minister has been subject to intense lobbying from Canadian oil companies, who support construction of the pipeline in order to relieve export bottlenecks. Barbara Shook is senior reporter-at-large for Energy Intelligence. 

“Sometimes the price of oil in Canada for what they call Western Canadian Select – it has an acronym of WCS, like West Texas Intermediate is known as WTI -- WCS prices have been as much as $40 a barrel lower than WTI prices at Cushing, [Oklahoma,] simply because the producers have to fight for capacity in the pipelines that run out of Alberta.”

Harper’s remarks were some of his strongest to date on the project, which requires approval from the U.S. State Department before a final ruling from the White House.

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