UK Seeks Texas Support For Transatlantic Trade Deal

The British Embassy in Washington released a study estimating that a transatlantic trade treaty would create 740,000 U.S. jobs. Nearly 68,000 would go to Texas. The study projects the state’s chemical sector alone would gain $5 billion a year in new exports.

The report comes as part of a lobbying effort aimed at building support for the treaty in the U.S. at the state level. Andrew Millar is the United Kingdom’s consul general in Houston.

“You know this could be the biggest fiscal stimulus that nobody’s ever paid for because it comes through freeing up normal commerce. How can we let that pass us by without actually taking action on it? And what we really want to do is we want to motivate those voices within the state, talking to the representatives in Congress, building that political will. ”

The opening round of U.S.-E.U. trade talks took place in Washington in July. The next round is set to begin in Brussels on October 7.



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