Metro Unemployment Falls To 6.1%, Despite Seasonal Job Cuts

Greater Houston’s unemployment rate fell to just over 6% in August, down from 6.5% in July. That came despite a loss of about 6,000 jobs over the month, according to Mark Lavergne, a spokesman for the Texas Workforce Commission.

“Those losses were largely driven by reductions in the government sector, and for this time of year, particularly looking from July to August, it’s not uncommon to see, in local areas, a downturn in employment, prior to the ramp up that coincides with the school year.”

Averaging across Texas, the jobless rate inched down to 6.4%, compared to 6.5% in July. That too was accompanied by a net job loss of just over 6,000 for the month, again with the steepest job cuts coming in the government sector. Education and health care added the most new employees, with professional and business services a distant second.

For the twelve months ending in August, the Texas economy added nearly 275,000 jobs. That’s the most jobs added by any state year over year.


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