Will Senator Wendy Davis Run For Governor? We'll Find Out On October 3rd

Associate Professor Brandon Rottinghaus teaches political science at the University of Houston. 

He says Davis' delay in announcing her political future has given her potential opponents time to craft an unflattering narrative, particularly when it comes to abortion.

"Not a lot of people know a lot about her.  So the announcement and structure of her campaign has to initially address these issues and really hit the ground running, if she's going to be able to make any kind of progress toward a statewide run."

Rottinghaus says Davis can make progress by focusing on issues that, he says, resonate with people on a visceral level.

"I think that's going to be things like the economy.  It's going to be about fairness in wages.  It's also going to be about healthcare, to some degree, since that's connected to those issues.  But she cannot be a one-trick pony.  She simply can't be about one issue."

Rottinghaus says Davis could also increase her popularity by reminding voters of some of the insulting remarks her opponents and their surrogates have made about her — some of which mock her as some sort of Barbie doll

He also says it's impossible to predict right now whether Davis will get into the governor's race.  But he says if she doesn't, it would be a big letdown for the Democratic Party.


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