Light Rail Line To Shut Down In Advance Of Macy's Implosion

METRO flyerThe light rail train goes right by the implosion site at Main and Dallas, and  Metro has decided to shut down the entire 7.5 mile route.  

Metro Chief Operating Officer Andy Skabowski says trains will stop running at 9:00 PM Friday.  

"There's a lot of work Metro needs to do at the implosion site, related to bringing our OCS, or our overhead wiring down, bringing some of our polls down."

Shuttle buses will be available on the route from  UH Downtown to Fannin South Station, and Skabowski says contingency plans are in place in case they have to keep the line shut down into Monday morning. 

Now as for downtown bus riders, Skabowski says 14 routes will be affected. That includes the #50 Heights bus, the #40 Pecore bus, and the 102 bus that goes to Bush Intercontinental. Those buses will be detoured a block or two around the implosion site. 

"The real negative impact would only be during that Sunday morning time frame. We'll open up things as fast as we can get them open. The minute we get a street back we'll get our buses re-detoured back there."

The old department store is set to come tumbling down just after sunrise Sunday morning. 

For information on all the detours, visit the Metro website.

metro bus
The #50 Heights bus is one of the routes that will be detoured Sunday morning because of the implosion of the old Macy's building.


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