Parents Call for Resignations in Spring ISD in Wake of Fatal Stabbing

At a series of meetings this week, parents in Spring can ask questions about school safety and voice any concerns.

But parents have to register to attend, and the meetings are closed to the general public.

For some parents, those meetings aren’t enough.

Steven Johnson, who has a daughter at Spring High School, tried to attend a meeting, but it was full. He wants leaders in Spring ISD to resign.

“So if our administration had just one single ounce of decency, we would already have the resignation of Superintendent Ralph Draper, we would already have the resignation of the principal Donna Ullrich.”

Ullrich is the principal at Spring High School where the fatal stabbing happened last Wednesday. Draper has been the Spring superintendent for eight years.

“It’s clear they don’t have that. It’s clear that the direction and leadership of this district and this school is going in the wrong direction and we need to correct that, as a community and as parents.”

Johnson says the fatal stabbing last week wasn’t an isolated incident.

State records show that in 2011-2012 — the most recent data available — there were more than 100 fights at Spring High School.

But the school in Spring ISD with the most fights on record was actually a middle school. Bammel Middle saw 167 fights that year.

For a complete schedule of parent meetings at Spring High School, visit here







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