TxDOT Wants To Curb High Drunk Driving Rate Among Young Hispanic Men

Figures from TxDOT show nearly half of the drunk driving crashes in Texas involve Hispanic men between the ages of 18-34. A new awareness campaign is asking drivers to make a plan to get home safely, before they go to the party.

So what's behind the high DWI numbers?  

Arturo Marines is an accident investigator with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. He says some young immigrants may not be aware of the strict laws in Texas.

"The consequences are less severe in Mexico. I wouldn't call it a slap on the wrist, but it's not as severe."

And Marines says the young Hispanic men they arrest for DWI often have a high blood alcohol level. 

"And that comes back to, in Mexico or other Latin American communities, where again, the consequences are not  severe, they feel, 'well, if I can drink more then I can tolerate it.'"

Mexican Independence Day is next Monday, with lots of big gatherings planned around the area this weekend. 

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