United Airlines Recalls Remaining Furloughed Pilots

With this recall, no United pilots will remain on furlough.  United pilot, Captain Loren Bohnett flies Airbus 320's, based out of San Francisco.

"We're thrilled to have these pilots back. The furlough was a hardship for all these pilots. Many of them have been working at other airlines, in some cases in other countries, or in somewhat different industries they've been working as pilots all of this time. They'll be offered their jobs back at United Airlines, and we hope to have them all back."

Training classes for the recalled pilots will begin next month and run through the end of the year.

"These pilots will be, they'll all be retrained back into whichever fleet and seat they return to. It's hard to tell. It depends how long they've been gone and to some degree what they've been doing in flying jobs off this campus." 

United has more than 12,000 pilots. 

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