As Kids Go Back To School, Texans Are Asked To Share The Road

If a car hits a pedestrian or a bike, we usually call it an accident. TxDOT's Deidrea Samuels says they're trying to get away from that term because a lot of those incidents can be prevented.

"That's the number one thing that we like to tell people, to drive friendly and to drive safe and to not drive distracted."

But it appears a lot of Texas drivers are getting distracted. TxDOT says in 2012, vehicles on Texas roads struck over 5000 pedestrians. 481 people were killed.

More than 2000 bikes were hit, with 56 fatalities.

Samuels says one big thing you can do to prevent crashes is not to block the crosswalk when your car's at a red light.

"The pedestrians who are maybe just trying to maybe safely cross that street are unable to do that and have to actually go further out into the street to walk around the cars that are blocking the crosswalk. And they may also be doing that while they're checking their phone or adjusting their backpacks."

TxDOT is also appealing to back-to-school drivers to look out for work zones, and to adjust speed based on driving conditions.


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