College Kids Survey: Money Tops Their List of Major Concerns

More than a thousand high school seniors and college students answered questions about the way they save, spend and manage their finances for the 2013 College Student Pulse survey, released by Citi and Seventeen Magazine.

This is financial expert Linda Descano.

"What we saw is this emergence of a new work and pay culture. We're seeing 4-out-of-5 college students are now working their way through school, and they're footing the bill for more of their college related expenses."

The survey found more and more students working while attending school, and that they have set a budget to keep track of their expenses, because they found it costs more to get an education.

"They are taking on more of the responsibility for every day costs, and they're recognizing and then other research has shown that parents can't contribute the way they have in the past."

Descano says surprisingly, very few families have advanced planning for how to pay for college.

"Looking at ways, either the family can pare down their saving, and the students working. And that's what we see the biggest change is, because that's just the reality. When you look at what's available from financial aid, what may be available through scholarships and loans, there's still a gap, and how to fill that gap."

The survey found that male students spend an average $246 more than female students and that college freshmen spend the most, over $670 on back-to-school necessities.

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