Travelers Study Finds Workers Comp Claims Spike In August

Travelers Insurance analyzed workers compensation claim data for Texas for each of the last two years. It found employers filed more claims of on-the-job injuries in August than in any other month.

Catharine Eshleman is Texas field sales director for Travelers.

“Businesses may hire seasonal workers, who may be inexperienced at the job they are being asked to perform. The heat in Houston is intense, which contributes to dehydration and sunstroke. And of course [there are] normal accidents, such as strains, sprains, and slips and falls.”

The Texas Department of Insurance says that close to a third of Texas businesses do not subscribe to the state’s workers compensation system.  Many of these are small businesses, which forgo coverage because of the expense.

Eshleman says such businesses are fully liable in the event an employee is injured on the job — and that a single injury can lead to bankruptcy.

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