Houston Food Bank Counts Restaurant Weeks Event As Biggest Annual Boost

August is traditionally a slow month for restaurants, with people out of town on summer vacation or just too hot and wilted to leave the house.

But since 2003, August has slowly become the single biggest month for high-end restaurants. That's because Houston Restaurant Weeks brings customers in by the thousands.

Brian Greene is president of the Houston Food Bank, the organization that benefits from the month-long feast. He was a guest on Houston Matters with Craig Cohen.

"There's over 170 restaurants that are participating and most of them are doing a $35 prix fixe three-course menu, some of them have a $45 dollar version and the food bank gets $5 or $7 of that. So you get a great dinner. So this is basically Houston's best restaurants showing off."

When the event first started ten years ago, it was only one week long and raised $5,000. Greene says these days it has its own line item on the food bank's budget.

Last year it raised $1.2 million for the Houston Food Bank.




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