West Nile Virus Goes Easy On Harris County This Year

Last year more than 100 people were infected in Houston and Harris County, nearly 400 people had symptoms in Dallas County.

By contrast, this year only four human cases have been reported in Texas, none of them fatal and none of them in the Houston area.

Sandy Kachur is spokesperson for the Harris County Mosquito Control Division. She says some mosquitoes are testing positive.

"We are seeing a little increase in West Nile Virus activity and also mosquito activity out there, but this is the time of year, July/August, that we normally see that. But nothing compared to last year."

Kachur says one interesting thing to note is the virus isn't killing birds — at least not any that the county has been able to document.

"We have not detected West Nile Virus in any dead birds. It's not to say it's not out there, because we know that mosquitoes are testing positive, we know the birds are out there carrying it. But it doesn't seem as though they're dying from the disease as they were in previous years."

Kachur says Harris County residents who find a recently dead bird, especially bluejays, should notify the Mosquito Control Division.


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