Any Frustrated Commuters? There's An App To Tell Congress About Your Traffic Delay

It’s the creation of “Building America’s Future” – an advocacy group that wants Congress to spend more money to improve infrastructure.

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is the group’s co-chair and says, “We hope that this app will be a permission slip from the American people to say to their congressmen, ‘Yes, this is a serious problem; we are frustrated.  We want you to invest in building our future, in keeping us economically competitive, improving our public safety, improving the quality of our lives.’” 

Rendell says the “I’m Stuck” app applies to more than just delays on the freeway: “The ‘How Are You Stuck?’ page of the app says ‘traffic jam’, but it also says subway delay, bus delay, train delay, tarmac delay, overcrowded transit.  So there are a number of things that you can press that have to do with mass transit.”

The app, with premieres today, works for both apple and android devices. 

The creators are urging people not to use it while they are actually stuck in traffic, and to wait until they’re no longer driving.


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