Task Force Looks At Future Of Sugar Land's Red Light Cameras

Sugar Land started putting up red light cameras in 2008. The city currently operates four cameras, and officials are touting their success. 

Sugar Land City Spokesman Doug Adolph.

"Since 2009 we've seen a 58% reduction in accidents at locations where we utilize red light cameras. That speaks to the effectiveness of this program. We believe and we've stated consistently that red light cameras save lives."

Adolph says the city council appointed the task force in response to an earlier petition drive that called for a referendum on the cameras' future. 

That petition was declared invalid. City officials say the signatures weren't collected in accordance with the city charter.  

Critics say the cameras are merely a revenue generator for the city but Adolph disputes that claim.

"For this fiscal year we expect to clear about $200,000. That represents about point-two percent of our entire city budget. So it's an incredibly insignificant amount of money." 

After a four-month study period the task force will issue recommendations on whether the red light cameras should stay in place. 

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