HOT Lanes Open on the Eastex Freeway

Like the HOT lanes on four other freeways, solo drivers who want to access the Eastex HOV lane will pay a toll. That toll will range from $1.00 to $4.50, depending on congestion. But Metro's Jerome Gray says unlike the other HOT lanes, the one on the Eastex will stay open to solo drivers during peak periods.

"What we've discovered on the Eastex Freeway, that during the peak hours, the utilization is not as great on 59 as it is on the other corridors."

So where can you go on the Eastex HOT lane? The lane covers about 20 miles. It runs between the Kingwood Park and Ride and downtown Houston.

"Some of the key areas this lane will service, the Townsen Park and Ride, the Eastex Park and Ride, as well as the Tidwell Transit Center."

Metro currently operates HOT lanes on U.S. 59 South, I-45 North and South, and U.S. 290.

As for daily usage, Gray says those four lanes are currently carrying about 6000 toll-paying vehicles. He expects between 500 and 600 solo drivers a day will use the new Eastex lane.


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