Texas Requests Funding for Providing Katrina Relief

The Texas Congressional Delegation has formally asked President Bush to earmark money to help the state grapple with the quarter of a million hurricane victims who've relocated to the state.

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The influx of people is draining the resources of Texas communities. Local governments need money to provide mental health care for evacuees and accommodate new students in Texas schools. Republican Texas Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn say Texas is happy to help. But Cornyn says he wants to be sure the state isn't stuck with huge bills.

Cornyn and Hutchison penned a letter to President Bush requesting financial assistance covering the staggering demands now facing Texas. Hutchison met with President Bush Thursday. She says Mr. Bush understands the challenge Texas faces.

Democratic Texas Congressman Gene Green says one of the biggest concerns is getting the government to completely reimburse Texas for evacuees' Medicaid costs.

When it comes to education lawmakers demand the government relax No Child Left Behind requirements for quote "Highly qualified" teachers in every classroom. That way, schools can hire sufficient staff to accommodate the pulse of perhaps as many as 60,000 new students in Texas schools.

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