Paul Bettencourt Running For State Senator

Bettencourt sees running for Texas Senate as an extension of his work at the tax office.

"I'm very public policy-based and very concerned about what happens to taxpayers in the process of budgeting and property tax appraisals, et cetera."

The Republican notes that the last state budget was over $200 billion dollars. 

"And that's up by almost twice — it actually is double of when I was a young tax assessor. So I'm hoping to be able to bring what I did at the Harris County Tax Office and my business experience, and really look for some cuts because these budgets have been going up way faster than a yardstick like the inflation and population rate combined." 

But he says there are many other non-economic issues.

"Clearly we saw last week a major meltdown in the Texas Senate. I think that complete lack of decorum isn't good for either party, quite frankly. And as a pro-life Catholic, I've got an opinion. But I don't see any reason why you should have a leadership failure where the votes aren't done in a rational period of time and there's not a chance for hearings. But that was just a pressure cooker of Biblical proportions, and nothing good came of it."

Bettencourt says it's important to limit state government, making the private sector more able to create jobs.

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