TxDOT Sets Next Public Hearing On Connector Lanes From 288 To Medical Center

The current model to get between 288 and Holcombe Blvd. is a hybrid of two earlier proposals. Raquelle Lewis of TxDOT says instead of a reversible connection, this proposal would run both ways all the time.

"What we're going to have is a connector that comes from 288, westbound, and ties into Holcombe to make the connection into the Medical Center. And, then, eastbound, will be along Holcombe and make a connection to 288."

The connector lanes will be tolled.  This project is related to, yet also separate from, the effort to build toll lanes along the middle of 288 between downtown Houston and the Harris/Brazoria County line.  

Lewis says it is possible the Medical Center connectors could be finished before the toll lanes.   

"The intent is for them to connect from the toll lanes that are being developed on 288.  But they can operate exclusively.  But that is not the intent for the delivery."

The goal right now is to have both the toll lanes and the Medical Centers connector completed by 2017.  

There will be a public hearing on the latest design of the direct connector ramps next Thursday evening at the DeBakey High School for Health Professionals.

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