Do You Need Help Evacuating Before A Hurricane? Galveston Wants To Know

Officials say so far about 1,300 Galveston County residents have pre-registered for hurricane evacuation.

Michael Lambert with the Office of Emergency Management says they want to hear from people who have disabilities or medical needs.  They also want people to give them a call if they don't have transportation.

Lambert says the plan is to put people on buses in Galveston and Texas City, and take them to shelters in Austin.

"It's a no-fault system. If you have to get out of the surge zone and you can't get out of the surge zone, whether you pre-signed up with 211 or not, if you get to one of those two rally points, we will get you out of town."

But Lambert says they're hoping residents call 211 so they can get an idea as to how many people they made need to evacuate. He says they want to avoid the kind of chaos that happened during the Hurricane Rita evacuation in 2005.

"There are many more plans, there were a lot of lessons learned, there are new approaches to evacuation, just whole new concepts of operation when it comes to moving that many people."

Lambert says evacuees will be given coded wristbands so no one gets lost during the evacuation process.

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