Spraying For West Nile Mosquitoes Set For 77346

Dr. Rudy Bueno is director of Mosquito Control.

"We set our traps out there throughout the county. There's 268 trap sites. We collect the mosquitoes. We bring them over here. We identify them. We prepare them. They're tested. Once we find a sample that is positive for West Nile Virus, they will send our trucks to that particular area to spray that evening."  

Dr. Bueno says the sample is from a type of mosquito that's known to carry West Nile.

"It's called the Southern House Mosquito for a reason. It does like to go indoors, so that's another preventive measure that people can take, is to make sure that their doors and windows are screened properly. They will bite and they're nocturnal. That's why our spray operations take place at night, because that's their preferred time of activity."  

Dr. Bueno recommends mosquito-proofing your property by removing containers that can hold standing water.  

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