Texas Workers Recover $6.3 Million In Unpaid Wages Under Payday Law

The TWC helped recover the wages through its enforcement of the Texas Payday Law, which requires employers to pay workers in a complete and timely manner. Mark Lavergne is a spokesman for the commission.

“We just want affected workers out there to know that, if they believe that they may have not been paid for the work that they have done, then they can bring a wage claim to the Texas Workforce Commission or to a local workforce center, and TWC can help ensure compliance with the law through no-cost investigation services.”

TWC Labor Law investigators annually conduct more than 16,000 wage claim investigations statewide. You can access wage claim forms and other labor law information at the Texas Employee Rights & Laws website.  For a location, visit the Texas Workforce Solutions Offices and Services website, or look at the map below.

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