Despite Drug Violence, US Companies Say Risks Of Doing Business In Mexico Falling

In a survey conducted by the American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico, more than 80% of respondents said their companies were either as secure as or more secure than they were last year.

The survey tracked ten different classes of security threats. Tom Gillen, chairman of AmCham Mexico’s Security Committee, says members reported incidents in eight of these categories are down this year compared to 2012.

“The one where most respondents said they had been involved was threats or aggression against their employees — 41% of the participants said that their employees had been on the receiving end of some sort of aggression or threat. And that was a significant decrease from last year, when 58% of the respondents said that.”

The biggest exception to the trend was that of extortion by organized crime groups. More than a third of respondents said they’d suffered from extortion this year, double the number last year.

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