Houston IT Firm Aims To Woo Publishing Giants At Book Expo America

Book Expo America is North America’s largest trade show for the publishing industry. The four-day event draws representatives from the so-called Big Six houses that dominate U.S. publishing, as well as independents from around the world.

This year, the show also includes representatives of Kbuuk. The electronic publishing firm based in downtown Houston is hoping to attract clients for its new software tool, Pubsoft. CEO Isaac Shi says Pubsoft is designed to appeal to traditional publishers that have been losing clout to e-book giants like Amazon.

“Obviously, Amazon is not going to customize their software system for a specific publisher. But Pubsoft is willing to sit down with the customer, the publisher, to create those customized software capabilities to fit their actual publisher need.”

Shi says the main customers for Pubsoft so far have been niche and independent publishers, such as Houston-based Bright Sky Press.


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